Debra Marquart

The Bone People

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YouTube Video ("Firefly Nights")
M-Shop Photos, Ames, IA November 10, 2007


  • Jazz-Poetry, Rhythm & Blues
  • Under the rubric of The Bone People, jazz-poet Debra Marquart and her collaborators, Peter Manesis and Anthony Stevens, fuse elements of rock, jazz, and rhythm & blues with poetry and storytelling. Drawing from Marquart's collections of poetry, Everything's a Verb and From Sweetness, and her story collection about road musicians, The Hunger Bonethe group performs in coffeehouses, bookstores, libraries, colleges and high schools across the country.

    In live performances, The Bone People seamlessly move from storytelling to poetry to song, drawing connections between different genres and art forms. Since the group's inception in 1992, The Bone People have worked to create a sound that blends the lyricism of poetry with the power of acoustic and electric music-- to find that small sliver of a world where the two can co-exist without either one being compromised. The Bone People are prolific songwriters. In 1996, they released two compact discs: A Regular Dervish (spoken-word, jazz poetry), and Orange Parade (acoustic rock).


    Peter Manesis, Acoustic & Electric Guitars,
    Bouzouki, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, and Violin


    Debra Marquart, Vocals, Poetry & Guitar


    Anthony Stevens, Congas, Bongos, Djembe,
    Durbaki, Udu, Tablas, and other percussion

    A Regular Dervish: Jazz-Poetry

    Orange Parade: Rhythm & Blues