Debra Marquart


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Marquart, Debra. The Horizontal World: Growing up Wild in the Middle of Nowhere. A Memoir. New York: Counterpoint Books, 2006.

A wry, moving memoir about a family farm, a father, and a daughter, and why it's so hard to go home again. Debra Marquart grew up on a family farm in rural North Dakota-on land her family had worked for generations. From the earliest age she knew she wanted out; surely life had more to offer than this unyielding daily grind, she thought. But she was never able to abandon it completely.

In this distinctive, beautifully written memoir, she chronicles this process of flight and return-not only from and to a particular landscape, but to respect and admiration for her father. Complex, lyrical, utterly unsentimental, often funny, Marquart's singular voice offers a deeply intelligent rumination on the meaning of native ground, on freedom and security, and on the forging of identity. It brings to mind the very best of those who have written about the natural world and a sense of place-John McPhee, Wallace Stegner, and Kathleen Norris among them.

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Marquart, Debra.  The Hunger Bone: Rock & Roll Stories. Minneapolis, MN: New Rivers Press, 2001.

Short stories and short-short stories about traveling rock musicians that focus on the unseen, less than glamorous side of touring as a struggling rock band-the personal tolls, the grueling poverty, the gnawing hunger for fame, and the small and unlikely moments of redemption. These characters are slowly realizing that their dreams are slipping away, that age and hard living have worn them down, that their funky, rootless, rock & roll lives have not taken on the grandeur they'd envisioned.

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Marquart, Debra. From Sweetness: Poems. Long Beach: Pearl Editions, 2002.

A prize winning poetry collection, selected by Dorianne Laux for the 2000 Pearl Poetry Prize. “A beautiful and remarkably intimate book. From Sweetness is bursting with sweet poems with tremendous bite.”—Lisa Glatt. “These are poems of a world rendered specifically, characters lovingly articulated, landscapes redolent with possibility and life.”—Dorianne Laux.

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Marquart, Debra. Everything's a Verb: Poems. Minneapolis, MN: New Rivers Press, 1995.

In her first collection of poetry, Marquart looks back on her childhood, her family, her sense of place, not with nostalgia but with a lyricism and wit that take the reader on a fascinating journey. Every subject touched on - from fond remembrances of a German grandmother to an abusive ex-husband - is infused with passion and made transcendent by an extraordinary gift for language."Marquart looks forward to finding her place in society as a strong, independent woman and confronts some of the harsher realities of what that experience means in our world. The directness of her lines, the music of her voice, and the edge she achieves through her ironic twists and turns, make a compelling book, a stunning debut for a poet we'll all want to follow." —Mary Swander, author of Driving the Body Back and Heaven-and-Earth House